Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars


If it had been up to Phillipa Bradshaw, 28, women would rule the world. She’d fire all the men and make them stay at home to cook and clean. And she’d create a gene to give them ovaries so that they could bear children. She’d said this to her boyfriend Billy Adrian, 35, when they had begun an argument.

It had been a reaction to a talk about how they would pay back their small loans. “Billy we can’t but a new laptop yet, we have to pay this off now. Come on!”

He just shrugged his shoulders. “These loans will pay themselves of in time, my skat, this old thing we call a laptop is on its last leg. I’m sick of using an old timer’s mouse because the actual keypad mouse is broken. And then I have to restart the stupid thing when the USB ports don’t work. I’m losing my mind when I surf the Internet on it. That’s supposed to relax me. What do you think about that?”

She gave him the outrageous reply mentioned above and stomped off the bedroom to cry.

He followed her. “Skattie, it will work out. Why do you have stress so much?”

“I don’t know,” was all she could say through the tears.

He gave her a hug and suggested that they go for a drive. She agreed that they’d needed to get out of the house. She grabbed her coat and they got into their golden brown Nissan Xtrail.

Adrian decided that he’d take the scenic route along the Port Elizabeth beachfront and head past University Way along Marine Drive toward Willow’s Resort. This drive usually calms me down, maybe it’ll calm her down, he thought.

The view along this route features the waves crashing on the rocks, with the boardwalk, that was built for joggers in Summerstrand, up against this background. The route turns into a lush green one as the beach gets lower and the land connected to it gets higher. Pictured on these rocks are fisherman fishing.

Bradshaw was quiet for the first half of the ride then, as they drove past University Way, she said: “Thank you, Billy. This is exactly what I needed. Forgive me for shouting, I’ve just been feeling very emotional this week. Oh, look at the dolphins…”

Adrian stopped the car and they jumped out the car to see seven dolphins riding a wave. A good omen, thought Bradshaw.

When the dolphins were out of sight, they went to buy supper and headed home.